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How do you know Rick Snyder has learned his lesson about not properly regulating things people eat and drink because it may poison them? Today he vetoed a bill that would have eliminated the requirement for people who hunt morels to sell be certified so they don’t poison people with toxic mushrooms. House Bill 5532 […]

Turns out Speaker Boehner is indeed enjoying Kansas primary night. Just received this from former staffer! — carl hulse (@hillhulse) August 3, 2016 John Boehner seems to think so. The former Speaker who had an epiphany when the Pope visited and resigned from the House was photographed enjoying a glass of wine with a […]

Just like every other state in the country that passed a ‘test welfare recipients for illegal drugs’ law, Michigan successfully wasted taxpayer money testing 303 welfare recipients and found 0 positive tests. This is consistent with other states that also passed drug test people on welfare laws, and successfully wasted taxpayer money testing people who […]

Nestled in Battle Creek, Michigan, on the grounds of Fort Custer live the cadets of Michigan Youth ChalleNGe Academy. At-risk teens ages 16 to 18 volunteer to attend this program to improve their lives and learn skills to stay out of trouble as they transition to adult life. Operated by the Michigan National Guard, the […]

Davison High School students produced this excellent documentary about the Flint water crisis.

Back in 2011, when an unknown, nerdy former chairman of the board of a former computer giant called Gateway was sworn in as governor of the state of Michigan, his plans for the state set off alarm bells in more than a few state residents. Raising taxes on poor people and old people, cutting over […]

Aramark may be long gone, but thanks to the Nerd’s failure at privatizing the state prison food service, the Michigan taxpayers are stuck with the bill of cleaning up Snyder’s mess. Today Bill “I wanna be the next governor” Schuette announced a conviction on one of the former employees of Aramark who tried to pay […]