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The Michigan Supreme Court ruled 6 – 0 on December 20, 2017 an unconstitutional law that stripped three percent of teacher pay from Michigan’s public school teachers must be returned. The unconstitutional law imposed by the Republican-controlled State Legislature and Republican Governor Rick Snyder stole over $550 million from teachers’ paychecks in another move to […]

Remember who owns Bill Schuette when he runs for Governor in 2018.

Earth First! held a weekend gathering in the Manistee National Forest near Free Soil over the 4th of July Weekend. They concluded that gathering by holding a protest in front of Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Midland home on the afternoon of July 6, 2016; demonstrating against the Embridge Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of […]

Aramark may be long gone, but thanks to the Nerd’s failure at privatizing the state prison food service, the Michigan taxpayers are stuck with the bill of cleaning up Snyder’s mess. Today Bill “I wanna be the next governor” Schuette announced a conviction on one of the former employees of Aramark who tried to pay […]

In a letter to The Nerd dated August 31, 2015, Attorney General Bill Schuette encouraged Snyder to impose state-level sanctions against Iran in the event that the forty year old federal sanctions are lifted. President Obama and the State Department spent months negotiating with the Iranian government to find an agreement where they cease all […]

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