When You Don’t Vote on November 7 You Make Special Elections Cry

Monday , 6, November 2017 Leave a comment

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, special elections will be held in Michigan. Only a few regions are electing candidates to fill open seats, but almost all parts of the state have millage elections for schools, 911, libraries, and other municipal services that must be approved by voters to continue. This year, it’s very important that all progressive voters head to the polls and vote.

In District 109, voters will be electing a new State House Representative to finish the term of John Kivela. Sara Cambensy of Marquette has the experience and energy to represent the people of the 109th District in Lansing. She will put her constituents’ concerns before special interests and ensure that Michiganians in the district will not be forgotten.

Check out your ballot with the Secretary of State office online to see what important issues are being decided on November 7. Millage elections aren’t as exciting as electing a new president, but emergency services, school districts being able to repair buildings, and the other services counties provide and we take for granted get their funding from the tax payers. Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

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