700 Club Lawyer Jay Sekulow Part of Trump Legal Team: The Comedy Just Got Ten Feet Higher

Sunday , 18, June 2017 Leave a comment

If you’re a big fan of the Sunday Morning news shows you just got your first big dose of a man named Jay Sekulow. Never heard of him? Unless you’re a regular viewer of the 700 Club and CBN “News” you probably haven’t had much exposure to this legal titan of religious liberty, or the organizations he represents.

For decades, Jay Sekulow has enjoyed a close business relationship with Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson, the last bastion of 70s and 80s TV evangelism everyone who survived the Reagan administration remembers. Sekulow is a regular on Robertson’s 700 Club and CBN News, where he’s talked about leading the charge against satanic LGBT people, satanic religions other than dominion Christianity, satanic women who think they should choose their own health care and force poor, victimized employer insurance pay for it, and all of the other satanic stuff happening in God’s America.

Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow opened a law school in 1986 because Virginia certainly didn’t have plenty of law schools educating law students capable of passing the Bar Exam. RegenTTTT University School of Law is one of the lowest rated schools in the country, and if it weren’t for President Bush, job numbers out of school would be much lower. Jay Sekulow also runs an organization called the American Center for Law and Justice, a <http://www.rightwingwatch.org/organizations/american-center-for-law-and-justice/>law firm that functions something like the American Civil Liberties Union, except instead of protecting people’s civil liberties, the ACLJ helps God-loving business owners discriminate by claiming their first amendment rights are being violated, and school children using the bathroom based on their gender identity are actually scary men preying on defenseless little girls. You get the idea.

Sekulow has a radio show, several non-profit charities that afford him a very lavish lifestyle, and acts as a shadowy figure behind the throne in Washington DC, be it helping President Bush pick Supreme Court Justices, backing the Russian ban on gay propaganda, or joining Trump’s legal team. Today was possibly Sekulow’s first time being interviewed by the mainstream media over a truly high-profile case, and it was glorious.

Nice to see Chris Wallace remember who his dad is on Father’s Day and actually interview someone.

Trump has the best legal minds working for him. Jay Sekulow is famous for stating inspiring rock solid legal statements like:

The Pledge clearly acknowledges the fact that our freedoms in this country come from God, not government.

Which means the Pledge of Allegiance, written by a Socialist and didn’t mention God until the 1950’s, supersedes the US Constitution on religion in this country.

Those of us counting down the seconds until the end of Trump can take heart he’s hiring only the best legal minds to defend him and we can look forward to more Sunday Morning comedy.

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