Montana Republicans Affirm Their Hatred of the First Amendment by Electing New Jersey Millionaire Greg @gianforte

Friday , 26, May 2017 Leave a comment

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The completely unsurprising win of Greg Gianforte for the sole House of Representatives seat in Montana. Greg set a precedent ( or if you’re the fat orange bitch, president) on Wednesday that all you need to clinch your win in any election is put a reporter in a choke hold and body slam him to the ground.

The people of Montana want someone with a volatile temper and no regard for the first amendment representing them in Washington D.C. If you still count yourself among the red-blooded Americans carefully navigating your survival through the post-piss pig landscape of Trumptardistan, things like now probably look a little bleak. After all, will other degenerate trash running for office under the GOP banner believe their ticket to victory is commit assault?


Republicans, especially redhat brigade Republicans don’t want civility, maturity, or even someone with a basic sense of humanity representing them in public office. They want knuckle-dragging reactionary thugs. This is the American utopia redhats dream of.

Nothing matters, we’ll make up our own alternative facts, and if you try to shove the truth in our faces, we’ll beat the shit out of you and win the election anyway.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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