A List of Cool and Good Links for Progressives

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Last week’s vote on Trumpcare in the House reminded progressives there’s still lots of work to do restoring democracy in this country. While waiting for the Senate to finish going through the bill with their crack team of 13 old white guys, and your head’s reeling at the audacity of the pretender in thief in the White House firing the FBI Director to deflect from us ever seeing the pee video, here are lots of useful links to websites and groups putting up the good fight to resist the GOP and Trump.

Indivisible is a group that started shortly after the election that continues to grow. They are a good place to learn about how to get active, and there’s probably a group already in your area.

Move On has been around for a while and they are still very active. More than just petitions, they’ve hosted “Resist Trump Tuesday” protests every Tuesday and you can look up protests in your area to participate in. They’ve also partnered with some other groups for larger initiatives and hold conference calls on Sunday nights to talk about accomplishments and areas of focus going forward.

Sign up to receive weekly emails from Wall-of-Us that have different activities to focus on. This group is working to stop Trumpcare and flip Congress in 2018.

Grab Your Wallet  lists businesses Trump and his grifter family financially benefit from. China may be on the list soon.

Swing Left organizes people in states to focus on swing districts in the 2018 election. Enter your zip code and it will tell you which districts to focus on for the upcoming election.

Solidarity Sundays is a group of feminists who meet one Sunday a month to discuss activities to fight Trump. It’s a great way to meet like-minded women who can become your protest buddies.

Town Hall Project lists upcoming town hall meetings for congress.

Resistance Calendar collects all of the different groups and events and puts it all in one location.

Rogan’s List is a blog that will email you with actionable items such as phone calls to make, postcards to send, and interesting things to read.

Countable is a great place to follow what Congress is doing, even if you’re new to doing that sort of thing.

If you’re not using 5 Calls yet start using it right now. Getting your oil changed? Sitting on the bus? Stuck in traffic? This website gives you 5 suggested calls to make every day. They even include the phone numbers and a script to make the call easier.

People Power is the ACLU’s grassroots group fighting against ICE and preserving Sanctuary Cities in the United States. The ACLU started this group of volunteers to take the fight “not just to the courtroom, but to the streets”.

Flippable is another group working to get Democratic Party candidates into state level office.

Visit the small victories page on Peace is Loud when you’re getting burned out and think we’re not making progress

American Progress Action is another website providing a comprehensive list of resistance events in your state.

PopVox keeps track of activities of the US Government. Sign up and you will receive their newsletter.

Do you still use Meet Up? This is a great place to find groups meeting in your area. You can find Meet Up groups here.

Do you know of any other websites or groups organizing online? Share them with Up North Progressive and they will be added to the list.

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