GOOD RIDDANCE to @GLEP_MI DeVos Yes Man @gnaeyaert

Wednesday , 8, March 2017 2 Comments

Only one short week ago, Gary Naeyaert, self-proclaimed warrior for Team Jesus and aldius of billionaire Betsy DeVos, vented his frustration at the Michigan State School Board because Natasha Baker who refused to roll over and do everything Gary Naeyaert Betsy DeVos wanted: Eradicate Detroit Public Schools and replace the district with for-profit cancer schools designed to enrich the lives of Betsy DeVos’s friends at the expense of Detroit’s children.

Can you see that lady’s foot behind Gary twist about stiffly? That’s the sign of a room full of people realizing Gary Naeyaert just confess he batters his wife over where to grab a burger. Go Team Jesus!

Gary has always been a horrible person. His personal twitter account as well as GLEP’s twitter account are both packed with Gary being rude and abusive to anyone who doesn’t agree with him completely.

And we will never forget this gem.

And how about Gary’s pro-child pro-family hashtag #endDPS?

This is the guy who DMed Up North Progressive demanding I only reply to @GLEP_MI tweets and not his personal account because he was “trying to keep things professional” as he was tweeting identical tweets at the same time on both accounts.

After five days of people being horrified and angry, Gary announced it was time to be religious in an attempt to dodge public criticism for being such a terrible excuse of a human, and announced he was giving up the internet for Lent. @GLEP_MI never missed a beat.

The House of DeVos revoked Naeyaert’s Yes Man status today, which means they let him resign. Gary losing his job in disgrace should have happened ages ago, but it took openly admitting he hates women to make it happen. Nobody deserves it more. He has been a voice of hatred and prejudice against Michigan’s public schools, children, families, and progressive politicians who defend public education in this state.

Good riddance, Gary.

2 thoughts on “ : GOOD RIDDANCE to @GLEP_MI DeVos Yes Man @gnaeyaert”
  • Anita Senkowski says:

    Watch and see where he lands. I’m betting it’s somewhere in the DeVos orbit.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Most definitely he will land in a nice corner office job somewhere in the DeVos crime family orbit. GLEP twitter I’m afraid will be rather dull now.

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