The Good News and Bad News About Record High Temperatures in Northern Michigan

Saturday , 18, February 2017 Leave a comment

Two times a year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers a free fishing weekend for people who would like to fish without a license and hopefully give people who have never fished the opportunity to discover how fun fishing can be. The winter fishing weekend is this weekend, and with temperatures in Northern Michigan ranging anywhere from the mid forties to the mid fifties, people may be more interested in fishing in February.

Unfortunately, the bad thing about bright sunshine and warm temperatures in February is that ice melts quickly in those conditions. It may not be safe on all Michigan lakes to try ice fishing during this free fishing weekend. We’re days away from the deadline to remove ice shanties from the lakes in some parts of the state, but with the warm temperatures waiting until the last day may be too late.

The warm weather we’ve had in Northern Michigan also means snowmobiling has been down as well. Like ice fishing, fewer people enjoying the outdoors up north means fewer people stopping by their favorite restaurants and shops. Businesses rely on that income to stay open over the winter.

Most of all, the warmer weather means our congressmen who have annual snowmobiling runs on our lovely state trails canceled their plans due to the weather. At least that’s what they’re telling us for now. They’re on break and supposedly back home in their districts; what else do they have to do other than spend time with their constituents asking questions in person? The warm weather means more people will travel to town halls to ask questions and expect answers. that’s what we pay them to do, right?

The weather is going to be unusually warm and sunny in Northern Michigan this weekend. Head outdoors, have some fun, and try not to think too much about how warm it might be this summer.

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