Meet the Candidates: Michigan State Legislature District 106 Robert Kennedy

Friday , 28, October 2016 Leave a comment

Robert Kennedy is the Democratic Party Candidate for the 106th State House District. The counties of Alcona, Alpena, eastern portions of Cheboygan, and Iosco counties are included in this district. Kennedy is a lifelong resident of the region. He attended college in Alpena and served six years in the Army National Guard. Kennedy taught for Oscoda Area Public Schools for 38 years. He currently lives with his wife, Margy, in Alcona County.

Issues important to Kennedy include a leveling the playing field between the rich and well connected, and everyone else. An economy that puts the tax burden on the working class, poor and elderly so corporations and the wealthy can enjoy tax cuts has stagnated wages and made it harder for working families to survive. The rich keep the system in place through changes in campaign finance that allows them to donate millions anonymously. Revenue sharing from the state to the local communities who pay the taxes needs to be reestablished for communities struggling to pay for services and avoid one of Governor Snyder’s emergency managers.

Robert Kennedy wants to make enjoying the state’s natural resources a priorty in Michigan again. He will fight to maintain equal rights for LGBTQ Michiganians. Kennedy also knows the devastation Snyder’s cuts to school funding have cause for Michigan’s public schools and will restore the schools to levels where they can effectively educate Michigan’s children.

Endorsements for Robert Kennedy include the Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter, Operating Engineers Local 324, Iosco County Sheriff Allen L. MacGregor, and Bruce Gauthier, Cheboygan County Commissioner. To find out more, contact Robert Kennedy or volunteer, you can check out his website or Facebook page Vote for Robert Kennedy, 106th State Legislature on November 8, 2016.

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