The Magic School Bus It Ain’t: Bay City Academy Providing Transportation for Students

Saturday , 1, October 2016 3 Comments

On September 12, 2016 Bay City Academy’s Facebook page jubilantly proclaimed they now own a school bus:

We officially have a bus! Mr. Bennett, our BCA bus driver is ready to safely transport students to and from school. We are so excited!

The flyer containing the rules, list of hubs (mostly the parking lots of busy shopping centers) where students can be picked up and dropped off, as well as monthly fees required to ride shows a shiny new yellow school bus in the upper right hand corner of the page. This is a photo of the actual bus BCA students will have the privilege to pay $20 a month to ride:

Most states require school districts to replace older buses after 12 to 15 years of use and for good reason: School buses take a real beating over the years and become unsafe to operate and ride. School districts purchase new buses to replace old ones, and hang on to the old buses for another year or two as reserve fleet until they are too old to even be used for that; then they are sold to whoever wants a bus. The bus in the picture is clearly a retired reserve bus that the school district unloaded at an auto auction or sale, and Bay City Academy purchased on the cheap.

BCA parents, a word of advice. Make sure the school provides documentation that this bus has gone through a thorough safety inspection before paying Brian Lynch to put your precious cargo on it and drive them to school. It may also be why BCA is holding walk to school events – an incentive to keep your kids safe on their way to school.

3 thoughts on “ : The Magic School Bus It Ain’t: Bay City Academy Providing Transportation for Students”
  • Anita Senkowski [AKA 'Miss Fortune'] says:

    I’ve been unable to find registration for “Bay City Academy” in either the Michigan State Police or US Department of Transportation Department records. Could it be the bus was repurposed from the North Central Academy?

  • Anita Senkowski [AKA 'Miss Fortune'] says:

    According to the MSP, all public, private, denominational, parochial, charter school and public school academy vehicles transporting pupils to or from school, or school-related events, must be inspected. This includes every vehicle under contract or agreement.

    Vehicles that have been inspected are identified with a sticker placed on the front windshield. The inspection sticker displays the Michigan State Police “shield” and the school calendar year it is valid for.

    Check the windshield!

    • Up North Progressive says:

      The shadows in that picture make it impossible to see any sticker or anything else on the windshield. It looks like there isn’t one there, but that could be because of the shadow obscuring the windshield. I just know that bus does not look ‘seaworthy’ for picking up bug splats, much less school children. Seems like an insult to make parents pay for their kids to ride it.

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