And While We’re At It

Sunday , 25, September 2016 Leave a comment

RT (Russia Today) is a cable news channel out of Russia. They broadcast nothing unless the Kremlin approves it.

At a recent RT dinner, two prominent Americans in politics sat at Vladimir Putin’s table. One of them is Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, the man with a red circle around him is Michael Flynn, a member of Trump’s campaign staff. You can see Putin just leaving the table in the screen grab.

Some people who refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton, but don’t want to vote for Trump plan on voting for Jill Stein. Yet there she is sitting at a table with a member of Trump’s staff in Russia.

The current Russian government is extreme right wing. The Russian Orthodox Church dictates a good deal of policy with the Russian government these days. Putin is the moderate one. Seriously and carefully consider who you plan to vote for this fall and who they keep company with.

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