Meet the Candidates: Michigan State Legislature District 98 Geoff Malicoat

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Midland/Bay City may be stretching Northern Michigan a bit far, but for this election, it’s really necessary.

Geoff Malicoat is an attorney in Midland, Michigan, and he’s running for the state’s 98th District. A Democratic candidate running in a heavily gerrymandered district that favors Republican votes is an uphill battle, but Malicoat is running against one of the most abhorrent tea party grifters Michigan ever had the misfortune to win public office. He deserves the support of everyone in the 98th District who wants a much-needed change for the better.

Malicoat was raised in Bay City. He attended Florida Atlantic University, Michigan State University, and Cooley Law School. He practices Elder Law in Midland. It’s through his work with the elderly that he has seen the damage Republican lawmakers in Michigan have done to senior citizens. Fighting for Seniors is one of Geoff Malicoat’s top priorities.

No senior citizen should go to bed hungry or be forced to choose between food or medicine, not in this country, not in this state, and certainly not while our state government doles out lavish tax breaks to special interests who can afford to buy a governor, attorney general, and legislature.

Malicoat will work to roll back the unfair tax on pensions signed into law by Republican Rick Snyder. He also will fight for working people and the middle class, returning funds to public schools taken to pay for corporate tax cuts. Geoff Malicoat also wants to put an end to the obscene amounts of lobbying money flooding into Lansing, paying legislators to vote against the needs of the people of Michigan in favor of corporate interests.

Geoff Malicoat has received endorsements from the Michigan Association of Police Associations, Detroit Police Officers Association, Tri-County Building Trades Council, Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters – U.B.C.J.A., Laborers’ International Union of North America – LiUNA! Local 1098, UAW Region 1D, Michigan AFL-CIO, and the Sierra Club – Michigan Chapter.

To learn more about Geoff Malicoat, you can visit his website, facebook page, or twitter. He will be in Midland on October 1, 2016, canvassing and meeting with residents of the district he will represent in January of 2017. Register to vote by October 11 and vote for Geoff Malicoat on November 8, 2016.

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