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Eagle Mine today announced a Preliminary Economic Assessment on an area about a mile east of the location currently mined as a potential newly discovered deposit of nickel and copper ore estimated at 1.18 million metric tons. While a feasibility study won’t be completed until the end of the year, Lundin Mining will begin building […]

US House District 4 will have a Democratic Party candidate to vote for on August 2, 2016, and it’s very important that everyone living in the district get out and vote. Debra Wirth of Clinton County will run as the Democratic write-in candidate. Write-in candidates are required to file paperwork with the county clerk and […]

The August 2 primary will be here soon, and in Michigan’s first congressional district two candidates from Kalkaska will appear on the Democratic Party primary ballot: Lon Johnson and Jerry Cannon. Michigan’s first US House District is the largest district in the state. Lon Johnson is the former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. In […]

Just like every other state in the country that passed a ‘test welfare recipients for illegal drugs’ law, Michigan successfully wasted taxpayer money testing 303 welfare recipients and found 0 positive tests. This is consistent with other states that also passed drug test people on welfare laws, and successfully wasted taxpayer money testing people who […]

Shoreline Media continues to provide free advertising to John Wilson’s new for-profit charter school, Gateway To Success Academy. The school that his wife, Anita, promised would “never be for alternative ed” has a new facade to hide the old grocery store while they hire staff and recruit students from cash-strapped real public schools. Jamie Bandstra […]

Evart has one. Leroy has one. Hersey has one too. Big Rapids has one two times a week. Cadillac? Yes, they have one. Just about every town and city in Northern Michigan boasts a farmer’s market where people can gather to buy and sell locally grown produce. They’re becoming more popular as the demand for […]

Going to miss you, Mr. President.

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