DeVos @GLEP_MI Lackey Gary Naeyaert Calls State Rep Charles Brunner Names: May Want To Beat Him Up and Steal His Lunch Money Too

Wednesday , 6, April 2016 Leave a comment

Gary Naeyaert reached a new low tonight. Michigan State Representative Charles Brunner called out the Michigan Department of Education’s really bad decision to give Brian “gotta save my meal ticket” Lynch more time to reduce the debt of Bay City Academy. BCA is the charter school that finally exposed convicted felon Steve Ingersoll for the financial shell game he’s played for decades with Michigan taxpayers’ money.

An example of Naeyaert’s white-knighting BCA can be enjoyed below. This all happened because Charles Brunner truthfully commented that Bay City Academy is a “sorry excuse for a school.” He’s not wrong.

Gary Naeyaert often posts identical tweets on both the GLEP and his personal twitter accounts. Just don’t reply to his personal accounts about those carbon copy tweets. He’s trying to keep things professional. Making sure Dick and Betsy DeVos get their money’s worth after all. This is what Naeyaert is paid to do as the director of the Great Lakes Education Project. The DeVos organization’s purpose is to destroy public education because Dick and Betsy think it’s icky that kids attend public schools.

Bay City Academy, the damsel in distress Naeyaert defends with his infantile tweets, has been in trouble one way or another since Steve Ingersoll hatched the scheme to shuffle money from Grand Traverse Academy through his numerous LLC shell bank accounts into his own pocket and make it appear like he was investing in a new for-profit charter school in Bay City. The sentencing hearing has been going since October of 2015, because the federal prosecutors keep exposing more criminal activity that Ingersoll, his business partner Mark Noss, former LSSU charter authorizer head Bruce Harger, and GTA board president Brad Habermehl were planning after Ingersoll was convicted. Son in law Brian Lynch meanwhile attempts to convince anyone BCA has nothing to do with Ingersoll, despite Ingersoll owning the buildings his failing for-profit charter school operates in, and still using Ingersoll’s IVL vision therapy every day as a major part of the school’s curriculum.

What Gary Naeyaert wants people to forget as he reverts to the mental level of a six year old is the truth about for-profit charter schools. Steve Ingersoll is only one person who has taken our tax dollars and converted them into private assets so he can own a house in Traverse City, a mansion in Bay City, and a even a place in Boca Raton, Florida. There are 232 for-profit charter schools currently operating in the state of Michigan with no cap on how many of these tax dollar Hoovers exist. What are the chances there are even more Steve Ingersolls running these money traps in our state?

So while MAPSA screams for an apology from Brunner, and Gary Naeyaert holds his breath until he turns blue to distract us, it’s becoming obvious the for-profit charter school gang may be getting worried more people will learn the truth about for-profit charter schools and the criminals running them. What other reason could there be for Gary Naeyaert to play make believe with his personification of a charter school calling State Rep Brunner childish names?

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