The Cat Who Needed Vision Therapy: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll

Monday , 21, March 2016 1 Comment

Notice how the kitten tries to catch the circles in the image on the paper? The kitten’s brain does the same thing as a human brain when they look at the same optical illusion. The circles on the edge move while the circles the eyes focus on remain stationary. This is because when we look at an image like this it’s actually an incomplete picture, and our brain works to fill in the missing parts of the image, making the circles appear to move.Two years ago, in an article titled, “Continuity At Grand Traverse Academy”, this same image was included and the author stated that if you looked at it and the circles moved, that meant you had poor eye development and needed vision therapy, such as Integrated Visual Learning. The article has since been sponged from the for-profit charter school’s website, but the false advertising using this optical illusion will never be forgotten.

Either the vision therapists at GTA are full of it, or this kitten needs vision therapy. Why are these people still allowed to take tax payer money and claim they’re providing a quality education?

Or for that matter, expand their school so they can suck even more tax dollars away from real public schools? Miss Fortune discovered GTA is planning a huge tax payer-funded expansion that will have us paying the bills for decades.

The charter school cancer is spreading … If only more people could see it, like the Traverse City Record-Eagle. This is no optical illusion.

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  • Anita Senkowski [AKA 'Miss Fortune'] says:

    I have been publishing the 102-page sentencing hearing testimony of former Grand Traverse Academy Superintendent Kaye Mentley on my blog. It’s worth reading.

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