Commit To Vote Blue In 2016 No Matter Who Wins The Primary

Thursday , 24, December 2015 2 Comments

Comments to the most recent Up North Progressive article was expected. One commenter suggested the article be removed. Another commenter informed me I would have to change the name of the blog if I don’t support Bernie Sanders for president. Then someone did some cheer leading for Bernie Sanders on Up North Progressive’s Facebook page and so on.

Bernie Sanders does not hold any copyright or patent for the word, “progressive.” This blog has always been and will continue to be a voice for progressive issues. My criticism of Bernie Sanders supporters is still spot on, and still the reason why this very progressive blog will not be supporting him in any way. Bernie Sanders is 99.9% right on labor, economic, and civil rights issues. On foreign policy, defense and other issues the next president will have to address he is very weak. I’m glad he’s running for president in the primary. I’m still going to vote for the candidate who has a real chance of winning the White House in 2016. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

Keep in mind the next president will likely be appointing at least 3 new Supreme Court Justices. Do you really want a Republican doing that? Here in Michigan, we face losing another congressional seat due to declining population caused by slow economic growth – because we’re drowning in Republicans who can’t do anything other than figure out more ways to rig the election to their advantage and poison entire cities with lead.

After the primary is over and you still insist you’re not voting Democratic party because your candidate didn’t win, you will be part of the problem right along with every other person who votes Republican party. We have to work together and put an end to the real problems created by Republicans in Michigan and the nation. Commit to voting blue in 2016.

2 thoughts on “ : Commit To Vote Blue In 2016 No Matter Who Wins The Primary”
  • Marilyn Zeitlin says:

    Of course I will vote for whichever Democrat wins the nomination. I will work too. A Democrat MUST win the election!

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Agreed, too much is on the line for this country and a Republican in the White House would be devastating. Downballot races need to go blue as well.

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