What Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have In Common

Tuesday , 22, December 2015 Leave a comment

Neither one of them will ever be nominated by any party to run for president. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss why.
After 7 years of racism coming from the extreme and not so extreme fringe of the right, it’s no longer necessary to even put up a facade of decency on the campaign trail. On the GOP side, pure Republican Id Donald Trump says so many bigoted things one has to wonder why Jeb Bush even bothered hiding his racism with a Charles Murray dog whistle. Monday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Donald Trump once again jumped on the misogyny bandwagon by saying Hillary Clinton was “schlonged” by Barack Obama in 2008.

Bernie Sanders, like Donald Trump has an established history with misogyny. He also had the help of the NRA in getting elected to the House of Representatives. Sanders voting record on war in the Middle East leaves a lot to be desired too, but his fans don’t seem to care about any of that. They’re convinced Bernie has to be the next nominee, or else. Why are Sanders supporters so militantly demanding that everyone ‘feel the Bern’?

That’s the biggest problem with Bernie Sanders supporters and what they have in common with Donald Trump. It’s the creepy, Ron Paul worship vibe that comes off of the people who insist if The Donald/Bernie’s not the nominee they won’t vote at all. The echo chamber these people live in as they talk about their beloved candidate shields them from the reality of how their candidate is seen by the public. They honestly think their candidate is more popular because they refuse to notice anything else. Any protester who shows up at a Trump rally faces being physically assaulted by the crowd of knuckle-dragging mouth breathers assembled to hear their anointed one bark at them. Bernie Sanders also draws large crowds of people who are likewise fanatical about their candidate.

When the polls don’t validate what they believe to be true because polls have to rely on real data, then it’s the media/political party leader’s fault, and the conspiracy theories fly. Conspiracy theories about how the party chairperson is sabotaging the campaign so the preferred candidate wins is much easier to swallow than their candidate just isn’t as popular as they want to believe. It’s also easier to hate on Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. The misogyny is just as bad with the Sanders hive mind as it is with Trump.

These are the kind of people who support Bernie Sanders. Just as hateful, bigoted and foul-mouthed as Donald Trump supporters. Trump is a carnival show. Sanders is the progressive Ron Paul. Both supported by the extreme radical edge of their party. The good news about these two is if the general election were today, Hillary Clinton would still win easily.

Until a couple of days ago, the links to both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns were on this blog, after encountering the misogynist Sanders hive mind, that link was removed. This is Up North Progressive, and progressive values will be preserved.

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