Gary Glenn Continues to Hate People Who Are Not Gary Glenn: My Name’s in the News Edition

Sunday , 22, November 2015 10 Comments

Gary Glenn documented every instance of his name on his Facebook page this week in relation to Rick Snyder being the first state governor to ban, then put on hold relocating Syrian refugees to Michigan. Glenn shared his press release and quotes from online news, broadcast, and print sources such as Midland Daily News, Mlive, Detroit Free Press, Salon, various right wing news sources, and even international news, the London Daily Heil Mail.

Glenn probably loves the fact he has a new group of people to publicly hate now that the Supreme Court of the United States took away his ability to discriminate against gay people who want to get married. Glenn was instrumental in drafting the laws that made same sex marriage illegal in Michigan, even in case Michigan residents went to Canada to get married once it became legal there to do so.

The North Carolina native also hates working people. He helped get Right to Work passed in Idaho and Michigan. He likes to move around to different states, run for political office until the poll numbers don’t work out before moving on to the next state, bringing with him his burning hatred for anyone who isn’t male, white, fundamentalist Christian, and flaming heterosexual just like him.

It was not so long ago Gary Glenn was part of the tea bagger trifecta with Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. All three publicly supported the new speaker of the state house to adopt the Hasturt Rule when the new session began in January of 2015. They also promised to push their tea party agenda on the rest of the state. By June of 2015, Gary Glenn very prominently made it clear he didn’t consider himself a member of the Contract on Liberty Friends anymore. It’s known by the rest of the world now what people in the Lansing capital were aware of back then: Gamrat was firmly in Courser’s grip.

But thanks to his well-timed press release, Gary Glenn’s name got lots of media exposure as the guy who suggested the Nerd do exactly what Snyder inanely decided to do a week ago. Michigan’s one tough idiot created an avalanche of stupid around the country, as other governors went full lemming at the idea of scary Muslims moving into their state. None of the governors have any control over whether Syrian refugees come to their states or not however, the federal government has jurisdiction.

Hatred comes from fear and cowardice. Gary Glenn is the biggest coward of them all.

10 thoughts on “ : Gary Glenn Continues to Hate People Who Are Not Gary Glenn: My Name’s in the News Edition”
  • Gary Glenn says:

    Can’t help but laugh at the clumsiness of this one, especially the hackneyed “burning hatred for anyone who isn’t male, white,” etc.

    Of all the photos available to illustrate the eye-rolling cliches, you chose the particular 14 year old photo displayed in the post above…because?

    But since you yourself selected it, why crop it?

    If a picture’s worth a thousand words, perhaps the answer will be obvious if you more fully enlighten your readers by displaying the original uncropped version to reveal the inconvenient truth of who’s standing next to me in the photo.

    Hint: not male, not white, former Democratic state legislator, and of the same religious faith as her late grandfather, father, and uncle, all prominent African-American pastors and southern Civil Rights leaders. Twice, I’ve had the privilege of hosting and driving her around Michigan to speak with me in support of traditional marriage, religious liberty, and women’s privacy rights.

    “Hate” this black female former Democratic elected official? Nah, love her like a sister, and what her family taught her to stand for.

    Show the unedited photo. Then use as many words as you feel necessary to explain it away.

  • Russ Passage says:

    This response, is… what is it supposed to be? Is it a rebuttal? “Please use a better picture, this one makes me look bad on this site of opposing opinions to mine… ” Hi, my name is Russ… welcome to the internet! PLEASE start off in the shallow end, where all the kittens and baby videos are, and have a great day!

  • Gary Glenn says:

    Will you continue to hide from your readers who the cropped-out person was? 🙂

  • Joe Baublis says:

    Can the author of the article identify the name of a single person claiming to have actually been hated?

  • Miss Fortune says:

    Oh, our old friend Gary Glenn inserts himself back into the news! My January 2014 coverage of the Glenn campaign’s radio commercial, featuring the voice of Charlton Heston, drew pissy comments from a campaign operative. And although Heston’s comments were merely a general endorsement of Glenn from long ago, not words from the grave that refer to the 2014 election, cheap political pandering ruled the day!

    Back in 2014, the Glenn campaign’s website did explain that the commercial featured “the late Charlton Heston’s comments about the individual freedom principle behind Michigan’s new Freedom to Work law and about Freedom to Work leader Gary Glenn, now a conservative Republican candidate for state representative in Bay and Midland counties.”

    Oh, but it was edited to sound like the late, great Apemeister was still sitting in a recording booth:

    • Up North Progressive says:

      I like how Gary Glenn’s taunting me to mention who was cropped from the photo. I think he’s trying to insinuate they were cropped because of who they are, and I don’t want other progressives seeing Gary Glenn standing next to her.

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