The Department of Natural Resources Needs Your Help Finding Sleeping Bears This Winter

Monday , 2, November 2015 Leave a comment

The Michigan DNR wants people to help them find denned bears for an ongoing research project. They are asking any Michigan resident hunting, trapping or just spending time outdoors in the northern Lower Peninsula to report any bear dens they find to the DNR.

Bears located in dens will be inspected as possible research subjects. If selected, they will be tagged and fitted with radio collars so they can be tracked by conservation officers.

Bear populations are rising in Northern Michigan. The DNR wants to research how many bears are living in the state. They also want to find out where bears are making dens for the winter and what food they’re eating.

A man from downstate shot a collared bear with three cubs in Oceana County during bear season on September 23, 2015. He turned himself in and faces jail time and fines if convicted. It is legal for hunters to harvest a collared bear during bear season, but sows with cubs are not to be hunted.

If you’re outdoors in northern lower Michigan this winter and find a bear den, you can contact the DNR by calling Mark Boersen at 989- 275-5151, or by email at . A GPS location of the bear den if possible would be a great help.

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