Congratulations Canada on Your Landslide Liberal Win

Tuesday , 20, October 2015 1 Comment

The Liberal Party won the federal election in a landslide victory, ensuring a majority in the Canadian parliament and a new Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau.

The son of the late Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 42 year old politician lead his party to victory. They will have the majority in parliament, while Stephen Harper’s Conservative party will be the opposition. Justin Trudeau is the youngest Prime Minister in Canada’s history.

Mulcaire’s NDP did very poorly tonight, and some speculate this could (or should) make Mulcaire resign.

So far, the Greens have one seat.

Stephen Harper is out after nine long years. He will be remembered for gutting environmental standards in Canada, proroguing parliament, which is a fancy way of saying canceling the entire session until the next term starts, and most recently and expertly illustrated by John Oliver, signed into law the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, which essentially banned Muslim women from wearing Niqab. No one will miss Stephen Harper, and Canadians everywhere can ask the really important questions, such as, “is it safe to smoke weed again?” and, “can we tell the Americans where they can shove the F-35 now?”

Congratulations, Canada, on a new Liberal government and Prime Minister.

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  • Rob Boone says:

    Justin Trudeau is 43 and he is the second youngest Prime Minister after Joe Clark

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