Todd Courser The Perpetual Poster Child of Conservative Values

Monday , 19, October 2015 Leave a comment

Todd Courser really wants his old job back. He also enjoys writing long streams of questionable consciousness and posting them on the internet intentionally, as if that in any way will persuade people he’s the right guy for the job he quit and wants back. Last night he posted once again another diatribe full of large chunks of text that was bolded, underlined, and italicized all at the same time. Someone needs to tell him that it doesn’t add emphasis if you use the bold, italics and underline options for the whole text. Or better yet, don’t.

He’s since changed it, but the original title text stated he was the right choice to fight against the “Liberal on slot.” First, when Todd talks about liberals, he doesn’t mean Democratic Party members, he’s talking about the less rabidly conservative members of his own party. They’re not “conservative” enough, meaning not all Republicans have the same high level of moral values that Todd does. If establishment Republicans are the new progressives and liberals, what does that make actual liberals and progressives? It’s fascinating to watch the tea party so narrowly define true conservatism to a level that the majority of Republicans can’t come close.

What Todd doesn’t get, and it seems most “true” conservatives don’t get, is that it doesn’t matter the level of your moral high ground if you’re shtupping your tea party cohort on the side. Dennis Hastert just plead guilty to paying one of his former students millions of dollars to keep quiet about the former high school wrestling coach sexually assaulting him. He sat on the committee that investigated President Bill Clinton for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Conservative icon Margaret Thatcher preached Ayn Rand levels of conservative values while at the same time used her office to shield members of the Paedophile Information Exchange from prosecution. The Duggar name will always be associated with child sexual assault and having sex with prostitutes, not the crazy shepherding quiverfull religious cult the family belongs to. The list is long of “conservative” values politicians and religious leaders behaving like degenerate scum when they think no one is looking.

To Todd Courser, Kevin McCarthy, Josh Duggar, Cindy Gamrat, Dennis Hastert, and all of the other holier than thou conservatives trying to force their morality down America’s throat. Your moral high ground doesn’t mean squat without ethics. Try being a decent human being before telling everyone else what’s right or wrong.

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