Why Larry Lessig Needs To Be In The Democratic Party Debates

Thursday , 8, October 2015 2 Comments

For starters, people might actually watch them. Secondly, so Lessig can be exposed for the scam artist he really is.

The Democratic Party set their debate schedule for the 2016 presidential primary in August. In September, Larry Lessig announced he was running as the uncandidate with the intention of resigning as soon as he accomplishes the one thing that he wants to do after being elected: A citizen’s equality act that will require constitutional conventions and a fully cooperative congress to pass. There is no time frame on when this act would be accomplished, but Lessig seems to think it would happen in a matter of weeks. Once it’s done, he can retire and kick back with the lifetime pay and benefit package courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States.

Nothing makes the Up North Progressive grin with glee than a presidential candidate promising to resign once elected. Ask who the best president in U.S. history is and the response will be, “William Henry Harrison.” Remember two years ago with Lessig’s May Day PAC scheme? This was the plan to get money out of politics by putting more money into politics. Unfortunately, many people were duped into donating to the scam. The money went to candidates who had no chance of winning and paid for radio ads no one listened to. This year the Kochs are spending a billion on elections. Larry Lessig sure learned them!

Back to the first Democratic Party debate. Lessig needs to be there so the moderator can ask him one question: Where did you dig up Brian Boyko?

If you want to see how serious someone is about getting into politics, just take a look at who’s working for him. The Up North Progressive first encountered Brian Boyko at the Something Awful forums, where he posted a thread in a politics discussion forum right after registering an account, then proceeded to beg for money for MayOne.us. He didn’t realize his big mistake quite fast enough and the forum goons had a big laugh at his expense.

It was obvious from the MayDay PAC website there was no plan to use the money they raised to fight Citizens United. Add to that tea party candidates (who lost) received funds along with other political parties (who also lost), and it’s clear there was no strategy other than to raise money because if you market something right, people will throw their money at you. Brian Boyko is a marketer. Take a look at Lessig’s campaign website and find the plan where he will actually accomplish what he says he will if elected president.

People were duped two years ago, and anyone who puts an iota of effort into helping Larry Lessig run for president is being duped again. There is no way he is serious, and considering that Brian Boyko is still working for him, this is likely another scam to get more money. Caveat Emptor.

2 thoughts on “ : Why Larry Lessig Needs To Be In The Democratic Party Debates”
  • DownSouthProgressive says:

    You honestly believe that he wants to be president for the retirement benefits? You have got to be fucking shitting me

    • Up North Progressive says:

      You actually created an email address with a naughty word in it to bitch at me about people scamming money from people again and pretending to be running for office?

      And Carbondale, Illinois, isn’t exactly “down south.”

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