Three Words to Convince You For-Profit Charter Schools Are Wrong For Michigan: Doctor Steven Ingersoll

Tuesday , 6, October 2015 3 Comments

Have you been catching all the media coverage about Steve Ingersoll and his impending sentencing hearing on October 20, 2015? If you missed it, that’s because the media isn’t talking about all the pre-sentencing hijinks going on between the Bay City/Traverse City “philanthropist”, the court, and the federal government.

As usual, the only place to read all about it is at Miss Fortune’s blog.

Judge Ludington postponed Ingersoll’s sentencing from June to September, and then again to October, in an attempt to have him come clean on all of the LLCs and property he owns, how much they are worth, and how much in taxes he owes. So far, Dr. Ingersoll refuses to fully cooperate, handing properties over to friends by filing quit claim deeds, listing properties for sale at floor of the ocean reduced prices, and outright hiding properties hoping the feds don’t find it, like the place he owns in Boca Raton, Florida.

The list of LLCs Ingersoll has set up is also mind-boggling long. Most recently, Miss Fortune discovered a company of Ingersoll’s called … wait for it … THOSE GUYS CONSULTING LLC.

Miss Fortune also discovered the building at 400 Madison Avenue, the school building rented by Bay City Academy, has doubled as the location for a church run by convicted co-fraudster Roy Bradley’s wife, Tammy Bradley.

It never ends.

Along with Ingersoll’s hide-the-assets dance around the feds, his wife and brother, who were indicted with him back in April of 2014, both filed motions to quash subpoenas compelling them to testify against Steve Ingersoll on October 20. They’re concerned about Fifth Amendment incrimination and Debbie Ingersoll believes she has spousal privilege. Judge Ludington told them both they will be testifying.

Judge Ludington issued a restraining order on Steve Ingersoll on September 30 to stop listing property on the market trying to offload houses and buildings in a futile attempt to have less of a tax burden, and look less guilty. Ingersoll responded to the restraining order by lowering the price on six properties on October 1.

Your tax dollars at work, all used by a man to commit fraud, embezzlement and spend the summer defying the federal government and the court. This money Steve Ingersoll threw away in business and real estate schemes was supposed to educate children. For-profit charter schools are a scam designed by the Religious Right and Republicans to gradually convince people school choice was a good thing and lead the way to legalizing school vouchers. Steve Ingersoll is one man milking education money from the state for personal gain, imagine how many more of these charter school managers are out there getting away with the same thing.

Have you filled out that survey to State Education Superintendent Brian Whiston yet on how to improve Michigan public education over the next ten years? The first priority must be get the for-profit hucksters out of the public education till.

And if you haven’t done it yet, bookmark Miss Fortune’s blog.

3 thoughts on “ : Three Words to Convince You For-Profit Charter Schools Are Wrong For Michigan: Doctor Steven Ingersoll”
  • Michigan Radio is pushing the charter agenda. They have to because of their funding.

  • Glenn Ikens says:

    Sure is. Michigan Radio runs daily adds for Hillsdale College, an institution devoted to the destruction of public schools. The Hillsdale program, so called Classical Education, has an overtly stated objective (on the Barney Charter School Initiative website) to “take back” our public schools from “progressivism” via the proliferation of their charter schools. Hillsdale is antithetical to the modern public school model with elected community school boards, insisting that we turn back the clock to the 19th century model of education. They use public radio to push their anti-pulbic institution agenda .

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