What Has Tea Party Charter School Founder Pasquale Battaglia Been Up To Lately?

Friday , 28, August 2015 4 Comments

As of April, 2015, Tea Party Charter School aka Livingston Classical Academy was still in search of an authorizer for their for-profit charter school. It’s been rather quiet since this past spring, when a member of the public attempting to attend an open to the public open house was arrested because the owner of the building felt personally threatened.

Pasquale Battaglia, the man behind the God and Country Education Project/classical charter school, still openly shares his racism and bigotry on social media whenever possible. So what has he been ranting about lately? The usual.

He’s still calling the president ‘Potentate O’.

MATH IS HARD. And would someone tell him there is no connection between the rhinovirus and global warming?

American history also appears to be difficult for poor ole Pasquale. The United States didn’t exist 400 years ago, and even then religion took second place to a bunch of entrepreneurs looking to exploit a new world for profit. 200 years ago the founding fathers decided they didn’t need religion at all to run a country.

No idea at all.

Here Pasquale not only laments illegally detained immigrants being set free, but now they’re going to get lots of free stuff!

Where to even begin here. So now another budget crisis is looming for the country, and Republicans think they’re going to force the defunding of Planned Parenthood by threatening to shut down the government again because that worked so well for them last time they did it. What does the confederate flag have to do with Planned Parenthood? Nothing. Perhaps the tea party thinks an organization offering low-income women health care and cancer screenings is the same as centuries of racial oppression and slavery. The videos claiming to show Planned Parenthood employees talking about selling fetal parts has been thoroughly debunked, but never let the truth get in the way of your moral obligation to argue your point even when you know you’re wrong, right Pasquale?


And a bonus tweet screen grab, just because.

Nothing has changed with Pasquale Battaglia. He still hawks his classical academy plans in between racist tweets about anchor babies, Potentate O, and the free stuff illegal immigrants get from the government, and so on.

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