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This article was modified because it allegedly violated the host company’s terms of service. All for-profit charter schools in Michigan have a specific hierarchal structure to them. There is the authorizer, which oversees the not elected by the public school board. The board is responsible for keeping track of the management company’s management of the […]

So you have an alternative education program in a small Northern Michigan town with a dedicated teaching staff and successful program with over 100 students enrolled consistently year after year. There’s just no way you could possibly screw this up, right? There is a way, and Ludington Area Schools did just that this summer when […]

As of April, 2015, Tea Party Charter School aka Livingston Classical Academy was still in search of an authorizer for their for-profit charter school. It’s been rather quiet since this past spring, when a member of the public attempting to attend an open to the public open house was arrested because the owner of the […]

Enbridge Line 5 – the heavy crude pipe that runs through the Straits of Mackinac under the Mackinac Bridge is 62 years old. After the disaster that happened in the Kalamazoo River with Line 6B in 2010, the people of Michigan want Governor Snyder and Lansing to know that it’s time to remove the pipeline […]

Three weeks ago the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced Eagle Mine wanted approval for a mineral lease for 40 more acres in Michigamme Township, Marquette County, in the Upper Peninsula. The parcel in particular – NE1/4 NE1/4, Section 8, T50N,R29W. – contains the headwaters of Anderson Creek and the Yellow Dog River. The region […]

This is why it’s really important to take the time to answer that survey posted to this blog earlier this week. Religious fundamentalists, tea party morons and corporate interests certainly will make sure their voices are heard, then Michigan’s children will be taught things like the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, the […]

The Michigan Department of Education updated the content standards for social studies and science, and they invite the public to comment on the proposed updates for Michigan’s K-12 public schools. People can fill out an online survey and attend public information sessions scheduled throughout the state. Michigan’s new State Superintendent, Brian Whiston, had this to […]

It’s been a week since there was an update posted to the blog. The Up North Progressive’s been busy. This is the time of year when Michigan farmers’ markets and roadside stands all scream “PEACHESBLUEBERRIESSWEETCORN” to passersby, and that means it’s time to freeze and can. Blueberries, peach jam and green beans are going into […]

If only! Too bad Peter Graves passed away, he would be so much better as Dave Agema Voting has consequences. If you vote Republican, you’re part of the problem. It certainly has nothing to do with phantom blackmailers.