With Maggot You Get Sack Lunch: Aramark Workers Don’t Even Work In That Part of the Kitchen!

Thursday , 2, July 2015 Leave a comment

It’s happened again. An inmate kitchen worker found a maggot in a secure food preparation area at the Alger Correctional Facility in Munising.

Last year, 4000 pounds of potatoes were discarded after maggots were found at the Upper Peninsula prison.

The prison closed the kitchen for cleaning and the inmates were served bag lunches.

Aramark is a private, for-profit company contracted by the state of Michigan to provide food service for the state’s prisons. Since the Philadelphia – based company began serving food to Michigan prisoners; there have been numerous violations with poor quality food, inmates served garbage, maggots on food lines and in shipments of food. Even more violations have occurred with Aramark kitchen staff having inappropriate relationships with prisoners, providing money, drugs, sex and even offering to murder people outside the prison for inmates.

A PPP poll published yesterday found that 62% of Michiganians want The Nerd to cancel Aramark’s contract. It’s unlikely that Snyder will listen to the will of the people of the state, because despite the numerous violations that continue to happen, Governor Snyder not only says Aramark is doing a good job, but waved a fine the company received from the state in 2014 for violations.

It appears the problems with Aramark will continue, as Snyder believes maggots in prison food are a satisfactory way for Michiganians’ tax dollars to be spent.

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