Constitutionally The Federal Government Has No Proper Role In Marriage: Loving v. Virginia Never Happened and Other Marriage Absurdity

Sunday , 21, June 2015 Leave a comment

Todd Courser, the man with ideas much smaller than the forehead that houses them thinks the answer to stopping gay marriage is to strip the state of the power to perform marriages. He introduced a bill this week that would only allow ordained ministers to marry couples. This means judges, mayors, county clerks, magistrates, and any other officiant recognized by the state of Michigan would no longer have the authority to sign marriage licenses and witness legal marriages. The bill has caused a stir not only in Michigan, but at the national level too. Mostly because it’s so ridiculous in its attempt to circumvent the US Constitution no one can believe anyone that stupid managed to be elected to public office.

This bill, like the rest of Todd Courser’s laughably inane rantings, has very little chance of passage. If it did however, what Todd understandably fails to realize with his Cooley Law School education is that what he’s proposing is unconstitutional. It will take very little time for a federal court to strike it down. Something federal judges have had to do lately with the inverse relationship between the typical Republican politicians elected into office and their collective IQ.

Todd just wants to save biblical marriage after all, despite the United States being a secular nation based on Rule of Law. What Todd knows as well as everyone else in this country knows is we are days away from marriage being legal for any couple once and for all.

Todd is so unaware of the real world, he thinks a bill that only allows churches to marry people will stop same sex marriage when the Supreme Court makes it legal in the coming days. Not true Todd, in fact your bill will make it much easier for churches to marry same sex couples, as it actually removes the barrier that currently exists for same sex couples to get married anywhere in Michigan. Thumbs up, buddy! And if you think there are no churches in Michigan that welcome LGBT people into their congregations, you’re wrong. As usual.

Stripping the state of power to marry people will not stop gay marriage. The US Supreme Court, with the full authority granted to them by the United States Constitution, will make their ruling, and everyone will have to live with it, including Todd.

Unless Todd introduces another bill that determines which churches can legally be considered real churches.

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