Michigan Department of Education Provides Online M-STEP Surveys: You Know What To Do

Wednesday , 10, June 2015 4 Comments

M-STEP testing is finally over in the state of Michigan. After 8 non-stop weeks of computer breakdowns, network downtime, teachers frantically searching for windows of time when the computer lab wasn’t being used for more testing, and frustrated school superintendents writing emotional letters to elected politicians, teachers looked at what little time was left for actual learning and slugged through it as best as they could.

But now that it’s over and as school districts finish out the school year, the Michigan Department of Education wants feedback on the online testing process.

Spring 2015 was the first administration of the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP). With the completion of the testing window, the Michigan Department of Education would like to invite feedback from parents of students in grades 3 – 8, and 11 who took the M-STEP.

Yes, parents, you have the opportunity to tell MDE what you really think of this new test. This link will take you to the survey. The last day to fill out the survey for parents is June 19.

But wait, students and teachers who proctored the online test also have a chance to let MDE know their feelings about two months of testing too.

The student survey is here. The deadline to complete it is June 12. Teachers who administrated the online test can find a link to their survey here. You have until June 12 to take the survey.

It’s really important for everyone who endured M-STEP’s first run in our public schools to let the Michigan Department of Education know how you feel about M-STEP. Please take the 10 minutes required to fill out the survey.

4 thoughts on “ : Michigan Department of Education Provides Online M-STEP Surveys: You Know What To Do”
  • jennifer says:

    I think it is not right to base the children on testing. I have one child that is good at tests and one that isn’t the best test taker . You can’t base all children on one test all children learn and show themselves differently !

  • almemoore says:

    Would’ve been nice to know before the deadline that my children could’ve taken a survey :/

  • Lisa says:

    Why as an educator did I not get asked to fill this out? When were the districts notified? I found out about it on Facebook after the deadline. . . And my children were not asked to do the survey either. Ironically the deadline for parents, who were not in the room to see what was REALLY was going on or the stress onthe teachers, students and administration have an extra week to submit their feedback. . .

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