If You Weren’t Disgusted With The Duggars Yet The Fox News Interview Should Have Done It

Thursday , 4, June 2015 Leave a comment

Watching the Duggar interview last night was infuriating and painful. For sixty minutes two grown adults acting like irresponsible brats blamed everyone else for losing their TV show. No one should be surprised, These are people who belong to a cult so ridiculous it teaches them they can be as irresponsible and commit any crime they want, as long as they ask God’s forgiveness before they die it’s fine. Making excuses for everything and blaming everyone but themselves illustrates why these are people who have no business having a single child.

That’s not the part of the interview that was the most bothersome.

Listening to 48 year old Michelle Duggar talk in that sing-song little girl voice that’s normal when you’re 5 reminded me of interviews done with women from the fundamentalist Mormon cult in Texas. In 2008, 400 children were taken into custody after allegations of child abuse, including underage girls being raped by older men were brought against the Warren Jeffs cult. There were interviews with the mothers of the children and every. single. one. spoke with that same little girl baby voice. The same situation for the women living there exists in the Duggar household. The man is the authority, and everyone else must submit to him and never question any decision he makes. Michelle Duggar has given birth to 19 kids because she had no say in how many she has. If Jim Bob says we’re going to have more, then Michelle will do everything she can to get pregnant. There’s a term for someone suffering in a living situation like Michelle Duggar – Stockholm Syndrome.

TLC needs to keep this show off the air.

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