The Only Amicus Brief The Supreme Court Needs For Any Abortion Case

Tuesday , 2, June 2015 Leave a comment

Once upon a time in America no true conservative would dream of telling another person what they were allowed to do or not do. The only concern was no other breathing, living person be harmed with what an individual did. Pretty simple, right? These days, too many people are confused on what being a real conservative means. They think it means they have to tell people what they can do with their bodies or who they share they bodies with.

The Supreme Court may be hearing a case that would allow states to further undermine a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive health care. The state of Mississippi has one licensed women’s health clinic left that provides abortions, and the state legislature wants to force it to close. Making women to go to another state for health care is barbaric, but anti-choice supporters prefer to tell other people what to do with their bodies, rather than be real conservatives and leave them alone. Federal courts have struck down Mississippi’s law, stating that even though Texas passed a similar law, there were forty open clinics in that state, and the law there reduced it to five.

So why are anti choice people so adamant about controlling women’s bodies? Barry Goldwater, a man no one would suggest wasn’t a conservative, even said abortion is not a conservative issue. There is obviously more going on here than trying to protect fetuses. If the Supreme Court wants to be truly conservative in making a decision about any upcoming abortion case, here is the correct, conservative position to have:

Anything other than this is not conservative. What the states legislatures and anti-choicers want to do to women’s choice is expand the role of government. Expanding is the opposite of conserve, therefore anti choice people are anti conservative.

People who believe their imaginary sky alien gives them authority over other people are not conservatives, they are authoritarians. Being anti-choice is being an authoritarian. Anti-choices are not at all interested in preserving life, they want to control and shame women into living the way they believe women should live – subservient to authority. If the court hears this case, the anti-choice authoritarians may get their way on controlling women’s lives and health care decisions.

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