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The US Fish and Wildlife Service denied an appeal by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and State Attorney General’s Office to change the classification of wolves from “endangered” to “threatened.” In December of 2014, a federal court ordered wolves in the Western Great Lakes to be put back on the endangered species list. The […]

Good morning! Coheed and Cambria Sing Justice Scalia’s Dissenting Opinions from Funny Or Die

Nearly every day Up North Progressive receives comments from readers with both positive and negative feedback. One article that seems to cause the most grief so far is this one, because how dare anyone call out a college for opening schools, right? The most recent comment to this article comes from a man who works […]

Todd Courser, the man with ideas much smaller than the forehead that houses them thinks the answer to stopping gay marriage is to strip the state of the power to perform marriages. He introduced a bill this week that would only allow ordained ministers to marry couples. This means judges, mayors, county clerks, magistrates, and […]

Free food is available to seniors living in Lake County on the third Friday of every month. The food is available at two locations in the city of Baldwin and handed out on a first come, first served basis. Food for 100 families is available. The first location is at St. Ann’s Senior Center from […]

(This article was written by Hoi Polloi and first appeared on Daily Kos January 25, 2014) On December 11, 2013, the state legislature in Michigan voted on a petition measure titled, “No Taxes For Abortion Insurance.” The petition, circulated by Michigan Right to Life collected signatures telling people this was to make sure tax dollars […]

If you’re working a part time or minimum wage job, many regions of the United States’ cost of living is out of reach. In Michigan, where there are huge disparities between wages and cost of living, food and shelter for a single person earning minimum wage is impossible even in the poorest counties. Find your […]

Rick Snyder this week signed a bill that ties Family Independence Program benefits to school attendance. Students with poor attendance put food and cash assistance benefits at risk for the entire family. Children aged 6 to 15 who don’t attend school regularly will jeopardize FIP for the family, if the child is 16 and older, […]

No anterless deer may be harvested in the Upper Peninsula for the 2015-2016 bow hunting season. The Michigan Natural Resources Commission approved the ban on Thursday, June 11, in Monroe, Michigan, in an effort to help the deer population in the UP recover from successive winter die-offs. The anterless ban applies to hunters using the […]

M-STEP testing is finally over in the state of Michigan. After 8 non-stop weeks of computer breakdowns, network downtime, teachers frantically searching for windows of time when the computer lab wasn’t being used for more testing, and frustrated school superintendents writing emotional letters to elected politicians, teachers looked at what little time was left for […]