Gary Glenn Ignores The Reason Our Founding Fathers Decided To Have Three Branches of Government: Whines Over Supreme Court Legalizing Gay Marriage

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The most vocal homophobes are often in denial

It’s clear from watching Gary Glenn on the most recent episode of Capital Report on PBS (And what is Gary Glenn doing on evil socialist Public Television funded by private property theft i.e. tax dollars?) that he doesn’t think too highly of the Founding Fathers or the U.S. Constitution. In the first fifteen minutes of the program he insisted that the people of Michigan have more power than the Supreme Court of the United States, and that he thinks there is no 14th amendment question the court needs to rule on. With contempt in his voice he repeatedly referred to the justices who are expected to rule in favor of allowing same sex couples the same civil rights opposite sex couples have in the United States as “five unelected judges” who think they know better than two million Michigan voters.

When a ban on same sex marriage was enshrined in the Michigan constitution (a ban written by Gary Glenn) in 2004, it was not a reaction to anything happening in the federal government in Washington, but rather that provinces in Canada were legalizing same sex marriage. Glenn admits the 1995 ban was enshrined in the state constitution (or as Glenn likes to pronounce it, ‘caahhnstitution’) in 2004 to make sure same sex couples living in Michigan couldn’t go to Canada and get married. Not only does Glenn think that this ban works for same sex marriage, but also includes banning domestic partnerships and civil unions.

Glenn complained about the Supreme Court throughout the 15 minute interview, referring to the court as the “least accountable branch” of government, and how they’re “reaching up into thin air” to make a ruling about same sex marriage. The state representative repeatedly whined this ruling “threatens the best interests of society and the safety of future children.” He even goes on to speculate on what floodgates might be opened and allow other “special interest groups” to demand the right to legally marry – like people who practice polygamy.

Since same sex marriage has become the civil rights issue of our time, people like Gary Glenn have made political careers obsessing over what consenting adults do in private. He’s also spoken out whenever government does something he doesn’t like, even demanding that lower branches of government ignore federal government rulings when they go against Gary Glenn’s personal bigotry.

Gary Glenn knows what’s coming, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Five unelected judges of the least accountable branch of government are going to reach up into thin air and rule in favor of granting same sex couples their civil rights. They have the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, backing them. Gary Glenn has his ignorance and hate.

There’s always the possibility it won’t be five unelected judges. It could be six.

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