It’s Happening! First Republican Primary Debate Scheduled For August 6 In Cleveland

Tuesday , 12, May 2015 Leave a comment

Much like people who go through withdrawal when football season is over and they longingly dream of the next season to begin, presidential primary debates for political junkies are much worse. They only happen during a presidential election, which happens every four years. They were magical, providing some of the craziest stuff witnessed yet coming from the Republican Party. For instance, the infamous LET HIM DIE moment when Republicans cheered to allow a hypothetical 30 year old man die of cancer. There was also the magical moment when Republicans openly booed an American serviceman when he told the audience he’s gay. And of course, one of the best moments ever was when Rick Perry had problems with short lists. Oops.

After four years of opportunity to figure out what they’re doing wrong and why the only people willing to vote for their presidential candidates are rich, old, white people, the Republican party so far have put forward candidates who have no interest in changing their message to be more inclusive at all. If anything, they’ve tripled down on the ideology of the GOP, which is all they have left. On August 6, 2015 everyone gets the opportunity to witness the obtuse, hate-filled bigotry that symbolizes everything the Republican party we know today.

Fox News will host the first debate in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Quicken Loans Arena. Really can’t imagine a more fitting venue for Republicans to debate. This is also the venue for the 2016 Republican convention.

If you think the current crop of candidates are pretty hilarious on their own, just wait until they crowd a herd of them onto one stage, with cameras and audience. It takes an iron will and plenty of strong alcohol to withstand the concentrated crazy. If your liver can survive, it’s totally worth it.

2016 won’t be like 2012 unfortunately. The GOP decided to slash the number of primary debates by more than half this time round. Only nine are confirmed, but there is a possibility of three more being added to the roster. In contrast, the Democratic Party plans to only hold 6 primary debates. There will be a lot less crazy to wonder in awe at however. The real disappointment will be if they don’t invite Bernie Sanders to participate.

So stock up the liquor cabinet and get ready for the first night of cognitive dissonance in Cleveland on August 6. The 2015 NFL season starts on September 10.

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