Tea Party Charter School Has A NEW Website (In Development Stages)

Friday , 17, April 2015 2 Comments

Pasquale Battaglia was busy Wednesday afternoon helping Cindy Gamrat ban herself indefinitely from the Michigan House Republican Caucus after posting a status on facebook complaining the other people at the meeting don’t worship God the free market as much as she does. Battaglia has plenty of experience with using social media to expose himself as a bigoted right-wing religious fanatic. This is why he’s attempting to rebrand his for-profit charter school into something that remotely follows state laws, and throw people off track from what he actually had planned.

There’s even a slick new website complete with the most-frequently used stock images ever. At least Battaglia didn’t use this. The website draws heavily on Hillsdale College materials to make the website appear to have actual content. The blog has one article, something Battaglia linked to on his twitter account months ago. There are also about as many typos as the old website, which is always a ringing endorsement for the level of education your new school will provide.

At the bottom of the web page, in small print is this notice:

Which takes you to a form to fill out and even provides an upload tool for your resume. Battaglia’s new website stresses that only professional, certified teachers trained in classical education will be hired by LCA. Hillsdale College’s K-12 academy doesn’t hire certified teachers. So where does Battaglia plan on finding expertly trained classical education teachers?

Kelly Services, the temp employment agency, according to Battaglia has a vast education pool chock full of certified teachers who teach classical education – provided by his VP cousin. If you really want to work for Livingston Classical Academy, maybe you should wait before filling out that form on the website, and head over to Kelly Services.

Social media can be very tricky at times. It might get you kicked out of a political caucus, or exposed for being completely unfit to have anything to do with operating a school, classical or otherwise.

2 thoughts on “ : Tea Party Charter School Has A NEW Website (In Development Stages)”
  • Glenn Ikens says:

    Thank you, UpNorth, for continuing to connect the dots on this developing movement to turn our charter schools into political/religious retraining camps. The connections that Hillsdale and ACA have developed with politicians and business are real and powerful. If the voters of Michigan don’t pay attention, irreparable damage will be done to our educational system.

  • Sue Ellen Ikens says:

    Good thing Battaglia doesn’t have a cousin who authorizes charter schools. Until he does, his chances of earning the credentials for this ill-conceived scheme seem remote. On the other hand, we have seen him get this far, befriending legislators, angel investors, and legal expertise (most notably the elected local school board president, Nick Fiani.) It’s hard to predict when or if he will build a bridge too far.

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