DeVos School Voucher Cancer Spreads To Another State

Tuesday , 14, April 2015 2 Comments

Betsy DeVos couldn’t write enough checks in 2002 to trash public education in Michigan with vouchers, but that didn’t stop her from working to spread school voucher cancer to other states. Today on her ironically named national organization’s website came the sad news that Nevada succumbed to the disease that will never provide better education for the state’s schoolchildren, but instead leach funds from Nevada’s public schools for corporate gain. Betsy DeVos had this to say about her right-wing hate campaign to destroy public education:

Thanks to me, Betsy DeVos and my ALEC friends, school vouchers have spread like a malignant tumor School choice is growing in size and scope across the country, and we are excited to add Another notch on our state kill list Nevada to the growing list of school choice states. We would like to applaud Gov. Sandoval and the state of Nevada for taking DeVos money like the prostitutes they are its commitment to rob children of quality public education children and providing the means of for-profit corporations to eliminate access to well-funded public education every child access to quality educational options.”

American Federation for Children works with ALEC and the Alliance for School Choice to push school privatization on states through vouchers, for-profit charter schools, and scholarship tax credits. Convicted Felon Scott Jensen of Wisconsin is the advisor for ASC. Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos, owner of the pyramid direct sales soap company Amway. Her brother, Erik Prince, was the founder and CEO of Blackwater.

School vouchers not being enough to starve public schools, AFC is also pushing another bill through the Nevada legislature that would allow parents to draw funds from their children’s per-pupil funding grant like it were a bank account to spend on whatever they want to call a “learning experience”.

The DeVos family has made it their life’s work to eradicate public education according to their Dominion theocratic religious beliefs. Today Nevada became another state to fall under their anti-public education crusade.

2 thoughts on “ : DeVos School Voucher Cancer Spreads To Another State”
  • tylerschlitzkus says:

    Why is it so bad for parents and students to be able to choose where they go to school? If one district isn’t teaching to the level the student needs, but another is, the student should have every right to enroll in the second. For example: a district doesn’t offer AP courses, but the neighboring does. Shouldn’t the student be allowed to go there to exercise their ambition and potential?

    You really shouldn’t accuse Betsy DeVos of anything regarding money because all you guys want to do with this is make sure that there is more money coming to your school district.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      You do realize that there used to be a time when schools were able to offer more classes, AP classes. Districts are struggling to offer those options because of people like Betsy DeVos using her billions to destroy public education. “School choice” has nothing to do with providing options, it’s about eradicating public education completely to fulfill a fundamentalist religious agenda, and segregate our schools again.

      Betsy DeVos tried to bribe a state senator back in 2002 when she tried to railroad Michigan into school vouchers. Was she really offering $10,000 checks because she’s that concerned about quality education?

      Why would Dick DeVos tell the Heritage Foundation that school reform needs to be done “with stealth” if they believed what they were doing was right and being honest with the public about their agenda wouldn’t stop their plans?

      These are people who do what they do not because they want to improve education, but want to eliminate public education based on their own religious fundamentalism. But being a youth pastor in Gladwin, I imagine you have a better idea what that agenda is than I do.

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