It’s Only A Crime When Someone I’m Afraid Of Does It: Tea Party Charter School Justice

Wednesday , 18, March 2015 Leave a comment

On March 15, 2015 Jay McNally issued a statement that the prosecutor in Livingston County would go forward with pressing misdemeanor charges against Glen Ikens after his arrest on February 28th from Lindbom Elementary School, where an open house was being held for people interested in the proposed Hillsdale College classical charter school. The Livingston Daily Press & Argus wrote an editorial on March 16th stating Glenn Ikens had no point to going to the open house except to cause problems. The Press & Argus hasn’t been paying very close attention to what has been going on in Brighton for the past couple of years with this for-profit charter school, and the racist Islamophobe trying to open it. The editorial also missed the mark in suggesting Pasquale Battaglia has a solution to failing public schools, when his for-profit charter school is part of the problem. The editorial finishes with:

We don’t think he would appreciate someone disrupting an open house for a public school; a charter school is simply another type of public school.

Whoever wrote this editorial is completely wrong, because charter schools are operated by for-profit corporations using taxpayer money. The other interesting point however comes from the assumption that Glenn Ikens wouldn’t appreciate someone disrupting public school meetings he attended. Does Pasquale Battaglia always feel threatened when someone vocalizes criticism of what’s happening at a local school? Pasquale Battaglia not only approved of this individual disrupting a public meeting, but admonished the rest of the people at the meeting for not standing up and supporting the disrupter. Of course, the person arrested at the public school meeting being discussed on twitter spoke out against Common Core. Battaglia tweets often about the evils of Common Core, which is why he’s opening for-profit charter schools to rescue children from its clutches. Interesting that Battaglia only objects to public disruption when it’s someone objecting to him. What exactly is Pasquale Battaglia afraid of? Perhaps that people might figure out he’s lying about his for-profit charter school being a taxpayer-funded tea party religious school, just as Glenn Ikens claims. Pasquale Battaglia for all of his bluster on social media about protecting our precious freedoms from the progressive usurpers only cares about freedom when he has something to say. When someone else has something to say he doesn’t like, he’s all too willing to deprive them of their freedom.

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