President Obama Isn’t Black Enough To March In Selma According To Dave Agema.

Monday , 9, March 2015 Leave a comment

Dave Agema just doesn’t know when to quit. You would have thought his New Year’s online foot in mouth problem would have been enough to convince him that when it comes to talking about race, he always comes off sounding like a big ol’ bigoted racist. No, he didn’t learn his lesson, because this afternoon he posted another screed on Facebook accusing the president of not being black enough to qualify to march in Selma on the 50th anniversary of the first march.

He begins by pointing out that the Republican party “obolished” slavery, but forgets to mention that of the three amendments to the constitution, the 14th, he and his conservative friends want to do away with it. Seems odd that the party of anti-slavery as he claims wants to undo their good anti-slavery work. The SOUTHERN Democrats did not do it because they weren’t Republicans, and they were bitter and angry about the Civil War. You also can’t help but notice that while he’s ranting about President Obama not being black enough, he can’t help but jab at the new president of the Michigan Republican Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel, by mentioning how Republicans were pushing against the Mormon practice of polygamy at the same time.

But just how much not black enough is President Obama? Dave Agema it seems has done some research:

Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black.

That makes 100.01% Good math skills, Dave! Where does he even get numbers like this? Must be from the same research that shows the president’s birth certificate will never be real enough, no matter how much the state of Hawaii says it is.

So not only are Democrats horrible racists, but we elect a president who claims to be a black man but can’t possibly be a black man, because his dad and step dad were Muslim and communist and comminist. That last one is something completely new, but it must be bad because one of Obama’s dads did it.

What Agema forgets, or possibly just wants to “SPIN” about how not racist Republicans are is that starting in the 1960’s and picking up momentum in the 1980’s was this very real thing called the Southern Strategy. A large migration of Southern Dixicrats, Jim Crow segregationists and people still bitter and angry about the Civil War switched parties. All of those racist people who didn’t want to end slavery and filibustered the Civil Rights Act became Republicans and voted for Ronald Reagan.

And now today, Republicans want to repeal the 14th amendment, gut the Voting Rights Act, and scream how their taxes are too high, which is just a dog-whistle for economically enforcing Jim Crow in the United States.

Nice Try, Dave.

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