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In May of 2014 I started Up North Progressive to be a voice for political candidates and issues important to Progressive Democratic people in Northern Michigan. Over the past 11 months I have used this blog to introduce candidates, expose widespread corruption in for-profit education reform, the plight of Michigan wolves and the sale of […]

Quick, we need a distraction! That’s what The Nerd was likely thinking when he told the media in Washington D.C. on March 25 that he’s much too preoccupied with what’s happening in Michigan at the moment but said, “there’s time to evaluate opportunities.” By opportunities he means consider running for President of the United States. […]

Today Superintendent of Education Mike Flanagan announced that two companies were awarded contracts for administering the new standardized assessment for Michigan’s public schools, known as M-STEP. The companies are Data Recognition Corporation and Measurement Incorporated. The Michigan Department of Education and Department of Technology, Management and Budget awarded the contracts together. The three-year contract will […]

Remember when Dan Benishek promised he would only run for three terms? Dan Benishek lied. He’s decided to run again in 2016. Having no integrity or honesty is something we expect from Republicans, especially tea party Republicans, so it should come as no surprise that Dan Benishek, without a bit of shame or remorse, wants […]

In Michigan one of the first instances of school choice came in the 1970’s when Jack Hoekstra, president of the Kalamazoo School Board, tried to stop desegregation through busing of Kalamazoo Public Schools by allowing parents to choose the school they wanted their kids to attend; with the condition they were responsible for transportation. School […]

Congratulations on being selected for the important position of State Superintendent of Education. You have entered into a position where there are many old and new challenges to face. Public education in Michigan faces constant attacks from both the state and corporate education reformers, often working together to take our schools out of the hands […]

Keith Creagh announced a few minutes ago at the DNR Natural Resources Commission meeting in Roscommon that he would approve the land purchase proposal offered by Graymont. The Canadian mining company now has the green light to turn over 10,000 acres of state-owned forest land into open pit and underground limestone quarries. The DNR Natural […]

On March 15, 2015 Jay McNally issued a statement that the prosecutor in Livingston County would go forward with pressing misdemeanor charges against Glen Ikens after his arrest on February 28th from Lindbom Elementary School, where an open house was being held for people interested in the proposed Hillsdale College classical charter school. The Livingston […]

On Thursday, March 19, 2015, The DNR Natural Resources Commission will hold it’s monthly meeting in Roscommon at the Ralph A. Macmullan Conference Center. The agenda for the meeting begins at 10:00 and continues through the day until Keith Creagh will announce his final decision on the Graymont purchase of 10,000 acres in the Upper […]

As the Republicans continue their futile quest to manufacture some scandal that makes Hillary Clinton less of a shoe-in for 2016 (not gonna happen), Progress Michigan found that Governor Nerd used private email to discuss state business with former governor of Florida and 2016 GOP hopeful Jeb Bush. So far, the email scandal has about […]