Upper Peninsula Cougar Caught On Video

Thursday , 19, February 2015 Leave a comment

Hunters from Remus found a deer kill in Mackinac County and tracks that looked like a large cat. They set up a camera and caught a cougar returning to eat the deer several times.

Cougars are native to Michigan and they have been sighted in both the Lower and Upper peninsulas of the state. Cougars are a vital part of the ecosystem. They cull out weak and sick animals, making wildlife healthier and making sure there aren’t too many animals for habitat available.

Michigan hunters are fortunate we have cougars and wolves in our state, they make our state better for us and future generations.

If you’re outdoors and spot a large cat, the Michigan DNR has a form you can fill out to report the sighting. This information helps the DNR monitor how many animals are in the area.

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