Deranged Michigan Woman Spews Hate-Filled Vitriol At Lawful Religious Rally In Texas

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Christine Weick of Jenison has made a career out of traveling all over the country screaming bigotry and hatred at people who have never done a thing to her – Islam, LGBT, energy drinks – all are equally worthy of her kvetching the truth at them whether they want to listen to her diatribe or not.

Weick is infamous for disrupting a service at the National Cathedral last November because they dared allow Muslims to pray there. She spent Mother’s Day last May standing on a street corner in Grandville holding a gay-bashing sign. The local news station showed up to interview her just in time to film a woman throwing a slushie at her.

What happened in Texas on January 29 was more of the same. She’s really proud of herself for yanking the microphone out of a woman’s hand and screeching about how the ‘Lord Jesus Christ died for you!’ and being first to speak so God was invoked there before Allah. Christianity and Islam share origins, but you can’t convince a frothing at the mouth rabid radical fanatic Christian of anything. In her own words, she describes what happened in Texas yesterday.

Coming back from two Muslim conferences in Garland and Houston, Texas, I learned about yet another event planned only a week and a half later in Austin, the Capitol. I felt like Texas was another target in the sight of the Muslim agenda. After meeting many fellow Christian believers and Patriots I quickly signed on to the event in Austin. I teamed up with my new friend Liz and headed to the Capitol.

The Muslims were beginning to arrive, by the busload. They had planned to bus in as many as would attend, from all over Texas. We were obviously outnumbered and that alone made a statement for the news media who were also gathering to record the event. Our group of “standers” probably numbered about 50. The Muslims bragged they had hundreds.

I stood with my sign in the area designated for us with the other “standers”. I really had no intention of speaking at all when I arrived. But when I had seen the podium and open microphone… well maybe I would!
Someone near me agreed to hold my sign and I walked past the officers and went towards the Capitol steps and ‘mingled in’. I removed my cap that said “Israel” in colorful letters – it just wouldn’t blend very well, obviously.

The media was setting up the cameras facing the podium and the steps. My friend Liz found me and I told her what I planned to do. I asked her to tell the group to pray for me and also gave her my keys to my SUV. I instructed her to take care of my vehicle in case I was arrested. Then I prayed.

A woman began her speech and commented on how wonderful it was for the SEVENTH annual event for Muslim Capitol Day. She mentioned her affiliation with CAIR, and that alone should anger every American! That’s when I approached the podium.

I grabbed the mic with both hands. And said, “I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the Capitol of Texas! I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammad! Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas!” Two Muslims tried to remove me, but I held on to the mic tightly – I nearly toppled over the podium! I intended to finish what I started to say.

The small group that I left holding their signs, erupted in cheers! They were not silent anymore! They continued to heckle the speakers at everything that was said by them. I was allowed to join them after my speech, no arrest, no problems at all with security. I actually think the officers enjoyed the American spirit coming from a passionate small group of ‘standers’.

The irony I find in all of this is that the Capitol would not offer a podium or microphone to the Muslims, so they provided their own. Well, I honored my Lord Jesus Christ by using their own equipment!

We made a difference! The Lord was honored first! Allah was knocked off his block! Praise God!
Rise up Christians. Rise up Americans. Rise up for GOD and COUNTRY!

And to really send it home, they honored the Lord even more by standing there screaming at the assembled Muslims who went on with their program, ignoring the screeching fanatics who were heckling the group and trying to deny them their first amendment rights.

So why is this woman appearing all over the country talking about Satan in energy drinks and assaulting people trying to pray? What other reason could there be than she’s selling a book. Explain This! is 188 pages of incoherent, typo-ridden rambling about the Book of Revelation. 41 reviews of the book so far describe it as, “poor grasp of the scripture” and “naive” and “terrible writing and terrible message!” and “born again bigot” and “seriously?” With a two star rating it’s not hard to imagine why people ask if the book was written as part of an elaborate joke.

Christine Weick sadly takes herself seriously. Just today, in the wake of her national exposure for assaulting a woman attempting to pray she threw down the gauntlet to Franklin Graham, demanding he take over a Mosque and lead a Christian prayer in it. As much as she vents about Muslims being fair to Christians, I have yet to see any Muslims protesting Christians holding public prayer events, Muslims breaking into a private Christian service trying to disrupt it, or Muslims screaming “Jesus is dead” or “Jesus is a false god” at Christians minding their own business. Christine Weick gives Christianity a bad name. Look out Westboro Baptist Church, you have some competition in a one-woman freak show. Perhaps the Up North Progressive could offer a verse for you to meditate upon between Hate-O-Thon events: Ephesians 4:32

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