For-Profit Charter School Contractor Gets What He Deserves and There’s More On The Way: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll.

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Way back in the first article ever written about Steve Ingersoll, his too good to be true vision therapy that cures ADHD and Austism, and his really bad habit of stealing Michigan tax payer money that could have been used to educate students, there was another name facing charges with him: Building contractor Roy Bradley. Roy helped Steve pilfer almost $2 million from a loan granted by Chemical Bank in 2011 to renovate a church building in Bay City for Ingersoll’s new for-profit charter school, Bay City Academy.

Bradley, Ingersoll’s cousin Gayle Ingersoll, and their wives all took part in moving the money out of the Chemical Bank account into Ingersoll’s private Fifth Third bank account. It’s ironic because after embezzling their own building fund trying to pay off the money owed to Grand Traverse Academy, Bradley still had to renovate an old church so Ingersoll could rake in even more taxpayer money. The church had asbestos in it, as many old buildings do, and that means subcontracting a licensed asbestos remover to go in and make sure the job is done correctly, so the dear little children attending your new school don’t come down with mesothelioma.

Did Roy Bradley hire a licensed contractor to remove the asbestos from Bay City Academy?

As of today he probably wishes he had, because a federal court found him guilty on all four counts of illegally removing asbestos from the church and not properly disposing of it as required by lots of federal laws that regulates removing deadly carcinogenic poison from a building. Roy Bradley could spend five years in prison and pay a fine of up to $250,000.


And then, there’s the main event, which as of today doesn’t have a new trial date set. Roy Bradley faces more federal charges with Steve Ingersoll in the bank fraud case. Conviction comes with more fines, and up to 30 years in prison.

Breathe deep, Bay City.

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