We Should Do This Every Day: Why I Am #Thankful

Thursday , 27, November 2014 Leave a comment


I am thankful for William S. Burroughs, for being more relevant than ever.

I am thankful for this secular holiday that any person of any religious faith may celebrate.

I am thankful for our Founding Fathers, who in their eternal wisdom did everything possible to create a secular nation based on reason and laws.

I am thankful for the Republicans who completed their 8th investigation and found once again that all the conspiracy theories about the consulate attack in Benghazi are completely false. RIP Vilerat

I am thankful for books, so I will have something to do while everyone else watches the Lions lose.

I am thankful that next week Steve Ingersoll will finally begin to get what he deserves. May he be the first of many for-profit charter school grifters.

I am thankful for the six years America has been blessed with the most successful president since Bill Clinton.

I am thankful for the Affordable Care Act, because having health care again is really sweet.

Enjoy your day.

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