3,548,319 Reasons For-Profit Charter Schools In Michigan Must Be Eliminated

Monday , 17, November 2014 Leave a comment

That’s how much money Dr. Steve Ingersoll stole from Michigan taxpayers when he embezzled $3,548,319 from Grand Traverse Academy.

Miss Fortune has the letter the for-profit charter school’s attorney sent to Ingersoll demanding he pay that money back immediately in June of 2013.

Ingersoll was indicted for felony fraud by a federal court in April of 2014.

This is only one man who has stolen money from the state and the federal government. There are currently 232 for-profit charter schools operating in Michigan leaching your tax dollars away from public schools. The Detroit Free Press exposed more management companies also living large off of the state with money that is supposed to educate our kids.

The new chancellor of Rick Snyder’s failure of a school district, the EAA, is being paid $325,000. A judge just ruled the state doesn’t have any responsibility to provide a quality education to Michigan children. That means more free market garbage perpetuated by the school profiteers who don’t give a damn if your children can read or not.

Are you sick of this yet?

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