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We are now less than two days away before the 2014 midterm election. Absentee ballots are coming in with reports of very high returns similar to a year we would be electing a president. This is good news, as it’s a fact that when more people vote, Democratic Party candidates win.

Which is why it’s very important that if you don’t vote by absentee, then you need to make sure to know where you vote and make the effort to go there on Tuesday, November 4. There could be lines, but that’s okay, as long as you are in line by 8:00 pm election officials at the precinct are required by law to allow you to vote. You will need your driver’s license or state picture ID to vote. Make sure you have your voter registration card too.

Once you have your ballot and you’re ready to vote, you will have many names to choose from. Most will have their party affiliation next to them, but judges and school board candidates are non-partisan. Contact your local county Democratic Party headquarters if you have questions. They will be more than happy to help you with selecting the right candidates.

Here are the candidates suggested by Up North Progressive:

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Mark Schauer and Lisa Brown

Secretary of State

Godfrey Dillard

Attorney General

Mark Totten

United States Senate

Gary Peters

United States House of Representatives

District 1 – Jerry Cannon

District 2 – Dean Vanderstelt

District 4 – Dr. Jeffrey Holmes

District 5 – Dan Kildee

Michigan State Senate

District 25 – Terry Brown
District 33 – Fred Sprague
District 34 – Cathy Forbes
District 35 – Glenn Lottie
District 36 – Joe Lukasiewicz
District 37 – Dr. Phil Bellfy
Distric 38 – Christopher Germain

Michigan State House

District 70 – James Hoisington
District 97 – Mark Lightfoot
District 98 – Joan Brausch
District 99 – Bryan Mielke
District 100 – Mark Balcom
District 101 – Tom Stobie
District 102 – John Ruggles
District 103 – James Cromwell
District 104 – Betsy Coffia
District 105 – Jay Calo
District 106 – Robert Kennedy
District 107 – Jim Page
District 108 – Grant Carlson
District 109 – John Kivela
District 110 – Scott Dianda

State Board of Education

Pamela Pugh Smith
Cassandra E. Ulbrich

Regent – University of Michigan

Mike Behm
Kathy White

Trustee – Michigan State University

Faylene Owen
George Perles

Governor – Wayne State University

Marilyn Kelly
Dana Alicia Thompson

Justice of the Supreme Court

Richard Bernstein
Bill Murphy

Justice of the Supreme Court (Unfinished)
Deborah A. Thomas

Ballot Proposals

Proposal 1 – NO
Proposal 2 – NO

There will also be county commissioners, county road commissioners, local school board members, and district and circuit court judges to vote for. In these cases, it’s best to get in touch with the local Democratic Party office and ask who they suggest or endorse. In the 51st Circuit Court for instance, The Mason County Democratic Party endorses Paul R. Spaniola. Many of the county Democratic parties have pages on Facebook where you can ask questions.

Make sure you get out and vote on November 4. We need every vote to win and start Michigan back on the road to recovery after four years of failed GOP control of our government.

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  • Sharon Cdhoate says:

    You are missing the Terry Brown vs. Phil Pavlov Senate Race. The teacher’s choice is Terry Brown–Phil has got to go!

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