Michigan’s Soon To Be Ex-First Lady Doesn’t Get Out Much

Monday , 22, September 2014 Leave a comment

Sue Snyder, the almost invisible first lady and wife of Rick Snyder up until recently led a very sheltered life in her gated community mansion in Ann Arbor. But now that the kids are off to college she has time on her hands, and wants to become more active in the outside world according to a recent interview. She has the time to get more involved with her husband’s campaign, so Michigan could see more of her in coming weeks. She especially would like to star in a commercial for her husband.

Sue Snyder has taken on several new causes, and she’s speaking publicly too even though she admits it’s not really her thing. Independent thought is also not her thing, as she admits her husband shares everything he does in his home office in Ann Arbor, or occasionally in Lansing when he can’t avoid being there (because he’s the Governor) with her and then has to mansplain to her why he’s right and she’s wrong when she puts up a hint of disagreement. This dialog is part of their healthy relationship according to the state’s First Lady. She can’t understand why everyone else refuses to accept as easily as she does when he says, “This is the way it is,” because Rick Snyder is always right. Just ask Sue Snyder. She gets it, so why can’t everyone else?

For instance, when Rick Snyder says he didn’t cut education spending by a billion dollars Sue Snyder demands that everyone accept that as fact because Rick Snyder is the most ethical person she knows, and he would never lie. Of course, Sue Snyder may also be ignorant of the very real education spending cuts her husband imposed on the state because her children attended an exclusive, expensive private school in Ann Arbor. It’s hard to be aware of something when you’re well insulated from it.

Now that Sue Snyder wants to get out of the house and into the limelight with her governor husband, there’s the chance she may see what’s really happening in the state and that maybe her husband isn’t completely telling her the truth about everything, such as who’s currently the most important woman in his political life and when he’s says this is the way it is, it’s not coming from him.

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