Meet The Candidates: State Representative District #70 James Hoisington

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James Hoisington lives in Stanton, Michigan with his wife, Patricia. He is running for state representative for the 70th District, which is made up of Montcalm and a portion of Gratiot counties. Hoisington has been a factory worker, a UAW member and a business owner living in the 70th District. He’s an avid hunter and gun owner. James Hoisington believes in doing more for Michigan than only helping out the rich. He wants to represent the people in Lansing and fight for seniors, the poor and people unable to find a good paying job.

James Hoisington worked for the Electrolux factory for 27 years making refrigerators for the Frigidaire company. In 2006, Electrolux closed and many people living in the district lost their jobs. The factory moved operations to Mexico despite efforts made to keep the company in Michigan. James Hoisington was a proud member of the UAW Local 137 where he served as union president. After the factory closed, Hoisington opened his own lawn care business. He also works as a bus driver for the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District.

Hoisington’s primary campaign issues include tax increases on the poor, middle class and seniors that unfairly raised taxes on those who can afford it least. Big business in Michigan received tax cuts with the promise that there would be more jobs made available by the job creators. That has never happened, and won’t happen as long as these businesses don’t have to offer jobs to locals for the extra money they receive from the state. James Hoisington feels strongly that taxes must be based on fairness and the ability to pay. The rich and big business need to pay their fair share,and Lansing needs to do more to provide good paying jobs for hard working people in the 70th District.

James Hoisington will appreciate everyone’s support. He can be reached by email or telephone by calling 989.287.1904. On November 4, voters in the 70th District will remember to vote for James Hoisington.

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