Mark Schauer leading Rick Snyder In The Polls Is No Surprise

Thursday , 28, August 2014 Leave a comment

The Detroit Free Press released the results of a new EPIC-MRA poll showing our next governor, Mark Schauer, leads Rick Snyder 45% to 43%. This wonderful news is no surprise to anyone paying attention because we know why people are ready to dump the gov and elect someone who will work for the people of Michigan, rather than special interests and big business. The people of Michigan have very good reasons to vote Snyder out of office this November.

The Michigan State House voted to allow wolf hunting in the Upper Peninsula. This vote was designed to undermine the will of the people by passing a new law to circumvent a people’s ballot initiative that would have appeared on this November’s ballot. This is the third time this year State Republicans rammed a bill through the state legislature to undermine the will of the citizens of Michigan. In May State Republicans pushed through a bill to change the law before a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 could make it on the ballot. State Republicans also used a rarely-used procedure to push through a new law requiring women in the state to purchase a “rape rider” on their insurance plans. This law came about from a ballot initiative circulated by Michigan Right to Life. The proposal would have never survived a referendum vote because more than 70% of Michiganians support a woman’s right to choose. The state legislature once again forced the agenda of special interests on the will of the people of Michigan.

In 2012 Michigan voters struck down Rick Snyder’s emergency manager law, only to have a new law replace it literally weeks later. Rick Snyder lied to the people of Michigan when he said that right to work was wrong for Michigan after the DeVos family wrote a big enough check for him to change his mind.

Mark Schauer leading Rick Snyder in the polls shows what the majority of Michiganians already know. Rick Snyder does not care about the people who live in this state and pay his salary. We’re fed up, and we want our state back. This November Mark Schauer will be elected our new governor and the state can get to work restoring democracy in Michigan.

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