The MI GOP Has No Reason To Celebrate

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Tim Skubick wasted no time post-convention sucking up to Snyder by insisting he’s the stronger candidate in the November race for governor. Look at how the press gave Snyder all the attention during the flood in Detroit. Mark Schauer got only a mention while The Nerd commanded headline after headline. Tim doesn’t realize that the real news story wasn’t about how Snyder got the attention of the press because he’s the governor, but that everyone was in shock to see The Nerd acknowledging the hoi polloi in blatant photo ops wearing clothes to work in that are nicer than what most Michiganians can afford to wear to church.

This is the first time anyone has bothered to acknowledge Mark Schauer from the Republican side. People believe it’s because no one knows who Mark Schauer is and the governor doesn’t have to pay attention to him.


The reason why Rick Snyder hasn’t paid any attention to Mark Schauer is because rebellion from within the Republican party up until Saturday afternoon had his full attention. How focused was he? He inadvertently threw his own right-hand man under the bus. The Nerd needed delegates. Lots of delegates, because the real war in politics in Michigan has been the battle for control of the Republican Party.

On Saturday Brian Calley faced a challenger for nomination of Lieutenant Governor. Wes Nakagiri represented the tea party faction of the Republican Party, and after Brian Calley voted to break the tie in the state senate and pass the medicaid expansion, the tea party declared Calley not a pure conservative and decided it was time to replace him.

It should be sinking in right about now that Snyder and the rest of the establishment Republicans don’t have control of their own tent. There’s a large group of people who see things differently and they’re flexing their considerable muscle to gain influence in the party. These people are organized. They sign up to be precinct delegates and attend county party meetings. The number of tea party members who were going to be on the August 5 ballot as precinct delegates sent Snyder into panic mode. They loaded the ballot with even more delegates to out-delegate the tea party delegates. This set the stage for a battle on August 23.

And what a battle indeed. It was obvious right away things were about to get surreal upon entering the Expo in Novi. There was a group of true conservative patriots discussing one of the most important issues of fairness in 21st Century America:

“Why can’t we call them that word? That word makes me proud to be an American. They say it, I should be able to call them that dammit!”

And it only got weirder further inside.

Tension and hostility permeated everything inside the main hall. The tea party group cheered loudly as various Wes Nakagiri supporters came to the podium and talked about why Michigan needed him to replace Calley. Rick Snyder eventually made a speech about why Brian Calley should be nominated again, and the tea partiers loudly let The Nerd know how much they disapproved. They made threats to sabotage everybody if Nakagiri did not receive the nomination. It’s still unclear if Justin Amash made it out alive after his speech supporting Calley. The only volume setting tea partiers had was loud, especially when members of Michigan Open Carry were forced to take their weapons back to their cars. They tried to confront Rick Snyder for this transgression at a GOP convention of all places! The horror! The security around The Nerd was thick enough to fend off any shrill, angry ranting. The divide between establishment and true conservatives was so obvious, especially as members of the tea party continued to shout idle threats at members of the establishment.

And then it was time for voting.

And voting.

And voting.

And even more voting. The problem with having so many delegates is they all have to vote.

If at all possible, the room grew more tense. Especially when members of the establishment began to celebrate a little early. This made the tea party in the room waiting for the results grow even more agitated. While everyone waited, tea partiers shouted about one of their favorite things to hate, Common Core:


And then, the official tally was announced, Calley beat Nakagiri by 2 to 1.

And the tea party got mad. They shouted threats. Some got up and left in disgust. Some lingered and shouted more threats. From time to time, tea partiers that left would return and try to rally the other tea partiers to get mad and do something.

Then Nakagiri used his votes to make the nomination unanimous for Brian Calley.

Talk about betrayal, talk about a true conservative in name only. Wes Nakagiri was a RINO in the end.

To say the tea party was angry yesterday afternoon in Novi is an understatement. They’re screaming third party again. They’re talking about voting Libertarian or Constitution Party instead. They have lots to be angry about, especially with some of the vicious campaigns establishment candidates waged against incumbent tea party candidates.

While the tea party was angry, establishment Republicans cleared the arena of any sign that Wes Nakagiri had been a candidate. All of the “Yes Wes” signs disappeared. Some signs Snyder wouldn’t allow to be displayed at all.

I wonder why?

One tea party member became very emotional by the scene. “My country’s been taken from me again, like when that n***** stole the White House,” he said as he held a “Run Ben Run” bumper sticker for Ben Carson. More people complained and demanded becoming a third party “where true Americans will be listened to.”

Meanwhile, Rick Snyder and the rest of the establishment bankrolled by Dick DeVos celebrated their victory. On the interwebs, the DeVos yes men reached out the the Democratic Party in Lansing.

Saturday’s GOP convention nomination was a small victory for the establishment Republicans, but they haven’t won anything yet. One third of the people present at the GOP convention in Novi did not vote for Brian Calley, and Rick Snyder should be deeply embarrassed by that fact. This wasn’t so much a victory for Calley as a very obvious defeat for Snyder, and proof the Republicans are in deep trouble. Snyder has yet to spend a day campaigning, and it’s nearly September. Snyder’s administration can’t get through a week without suffering another scandal and he just alienated a third of the Republican Party base. One Obtuse Nerd.

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