The Voter Fraud Is Coming From Inside The House

Thursday , 21, August 2014 2 Comments

Remember when you were a kid and someone at school decided they didn’t like you, then they told all your friends not to like you either and suddenly nobody liked you? This is more or less what the Michigan GOP is going through right now leading into their convention. The guy no one is allowed to like is Wes Nakagiri, he’s running for Brian Calley’s job because Obamacare, and Michigan needs a real conservative working with the Governor.

Except, Rick Snyder really really really doesn’t like Wes Nakagiri because he’s a member of the tea party, and as far as The Nerd is concerned, the tea party is stinky and mean and even louder than establishment Republicans, and so it’s really important to get as many establishment Republicans as possible to not like him as much as he does.

In politics this means you make a long list of everyone you know who you’re pretty sure will come to the convention as a precinct delegate and vote for the guy you do like, because the last thing you need is having to work with the guy you don’t like. He might vote against stuff you want to sign into law, but with the icky tea party guy being the tie breaker in the state senate? It’s enough to make a nerd even more awkward than he already is.

Unfortunately, in your fevered frenzy to tick off the names of everyone you know will vote the way you want, you might want to double check and make sure it’s legal for them to even vote. Just in case they’re registered to vote in two states. Which in the case of former shadow man Richard Baird, yep.

It gets better, he had tax exemptions on property in both states, because had them both listed as primary residences. How does that even work?

It doesn’t. So now the guy who secretly hired Kevyn Orr before The Nerd officially decided to assign Detroit an emergency manager is in trouble for voter fraud and tax fraud.

This weekend in Novi is going to be so much fun.

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    Terrific piece and nice Carol Kane reference!

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