Meet The Candidates State House District 102: John Ruggles

Sunday , 17, August 2014 Leave a comment

John Ruggles of Remus is the Democratic Party candidate for the 102nd state legislature. He played high school football, worked in tool and die, and the road commission in Lapeer County.. He received a degree from Adrian College. His community work includes Head Start, job training programs and economic development. Through his career he provided many years of job training and strengthening local economies.

John Ruggles lists jobs as his top priority when he becomes the state representative for the 102nd district. He proposes investing in roads, community and infrastructure projects, and 25% of the people who work these jobs must come from the many long-term unemployed in the state. Ruggles also wants more assistance given to veterans looking for work. Small businesses are where real job creation happens, and people who run local business need support from the state more than large corporations. Increasing the minimum wage to a living income level and pay equity will also provide more jobs for more people.

Education is another issue John Ruggles knows is important for developing a strong pool of qualified workers. Public schools need to remain public and educators should be protected, not attacked for schools that struggle on achievement tests. Cuts to the state education budget have hurt schools even more. Lansing has set up public education for failure. Higher education must reflect the current and future job market if Michigan is going to remain competitive. Ruggles believes our environment must be protected from corporations who would exploit and spoil it for profit. He will fight for seniors who unfairly had their pensions taxed under Snyder, and also work to help with the poor, especially the unemployed struggling to find work.

John Ruggles has an active schedule of appearances and appreciates any help for his campaign. You can reach him by visiting to his website.

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